Friday, May 22, 2015
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Recruitment & Selection
It goes without saying that ensuring your organization has the very best human resources is fundamental to achieving your business goals - achieving results through your people.

Understanding the Recruitment and Selection "lifecycle" allows each stage to be carefully considered (monitored, evaluated and reviewed) and linked to an organization’s very specific needs; in this way it is more likely that objective, relevant and legally compliant decisions will occur, more consistently, and produce the most suitable person for the role.

Poor recruitment and selection decisions also affect morale, business performance and bring management's capabilities into question as well.

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Head Hunting
Personnel recruitment in high-level business environment, head hunting is better methods for more and quicker success!

The situation on the Job Market:
The demand for specialists, fitting the available position with the suitable profile of their soft and hard skills, is still given. Globalization endeavors, liberalization and intensification of competition, that follows into increasing the demand for qualified specialists and executives. When it comes to recruitment of Senior level positions Traditional methods in recruitment are not meeting the requirements!

ORIENTATION HRPlus Direct- Search-Process is placed between traditional HR consulting and the classical executive search. We dispose of excellent contacts to the market and for the recruitment of Senior specialists we are using our strong National network.
HR Strategy/Management
Human Resource Management (HRM) comprises the set of processes that are undertaken in organizations with the purpose of co-coordinating, supporting and developing the capabilities of its most valuable asset - the people who work there. These processes include HR Strategy, policy formulation, managing change and developing competency.

The activities which flow from HRM processes are:
•   Organization Design
•   Organizational Development
•   Job and Role Design
•   HR Planning
•   Succession Planning
•   Talent Management
•   Recruitment and Selection
•   Succession / Career Planning
•   Reward Management
•   Employee Relations

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Training & Development
Employment culture has changed radically over the last few years. It is likely that it will continue to change and companies must balance such expectations with their organizational needs as they seek to remain competitive in these demanding times.

Identifying and developing the potential of your workforce is significant in maintaining competitive advantage and in attracting and retaining valuable staff. With this in mind, encouraging your people to undertake training and development initiatives often has powerful knock-on effects.
 more vigorously pursue their own development
become open to new ideas
become receptive to and seek out change
think creatively, innovate
copy excellence
become excellent

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Soft Skill Workshops
Communication Skills
Business Writing Skills
Goal Setting
Developing Self-Esteem
Stress Management
Presentation Skills
Time Management
Leadership Skill
Team Building
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